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Here at Omni Power, we stand by servicing you and your solar needs in Arizona. Learn about the services we offer, insurance warranties, and comprehensive support we provide with every solar installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered by learning more about what we stand for! When you're ready to get started, our professional team is here to help you every step of the way!

Who are we?
Omni Power is one of the top solar installers in the nation, proudly operating in 19 states. We believe every homeowner should be able to have access to solar energy, playing their part in creating a cleaner future. Together, we can help you save money, control your energy, and future-proof your home, so you never have to worry about blackouts and price hikes again. Start investing in your furture, today!
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Is solar expensive?
Not as much as you would think! In most states, solar costs less than your current electricity provider. What's even better is that out programs allow you switch for $0 out of pocket. Visit our Locations page to see if we serve your state.
How does solar affect my home?
Home's with solar systems are worth an average of 4.1% more than homes that do not have solar panels installed. You also are moving away from centralized power companies by generating your own power, giving you the freedom and flexibility to operate a truly green home.
Should I be worried about about my roof?
Omni Power is determined to only providing you the best quality service, and this means you are covered! Every system installed comes with a 10-year roof guarantee and a 25-year warranty on the system itself. Spend more time generating clean energy and worry less about the longevity of your panels.
What if I am not qualified for a tax credit?
Before ruling out the possibility for tax credits, visit the qualifications page at There are an impressive amount of federal and state tax credits for homeowners interested in going solar. In the event your area still doesn't qualify, no worries! Omni Power provides leasing options so you can get started with zero hassle.
What if I move?
The responsibility of the system resides with the homeowner. If you are not the one using the electricity, you will not be the one paying for it.