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Omni Power: The #1 Solar Company In Arizona

Take back control from your power company and experience a fully electric home
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Switching to Solar Power is Simple.

Unlock the possibilities of solar with Omni Power. Arizona's #1 trusted solar company.

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  • Save Money

    Save Money

    Lock in a simple, predictable rate; no more power company price hikes

  • Control Your Energy

    Control Your Energy

    No more need for power companies when you can generate your own power with solar panels from Omni Power.

  • Future-proof Your Home

    Future-proof Your Home

    Say no to blackouts, power your home, and boost the value of your property

Is the average property value increase on homes with solar panels installed1
Solar systems have been installed in the U.S.1
30 years
Will reduce your home's carbon footprint by 100 tons1

As one of Arizona’s most trusted solar companies, we at Omni Power unlock the possibilities of green energy with our residential solar panel installations. Our goal is to be able to spread our impact to homes not just in Arizona but across the United States.

We created Omni Power to provide homeowners and property developers with a more efficient way of improving standards of living while also cutting costs through the installation of solar panels on your home’s roof.

For many years, we've had to live by the standards set by power companies, but what if there was another way, a better way? Omni Power helps you take back control from the power companies so you can own your energy. Take full advantage of solar energy and have your home fully powered by solar today. Simply contact us at Omni Power to learn about your options.

Installing Solar Panels for Green Energy

Wondering why you need to make that switch? Here are a few reasons.

Saves Money

With a $0 down payment for your solar panels, we make sure your monthly solar payment is always lower than your electric bill. Additionally, power companies are notorious for issuing price hikes over the years. With a solar powered home, your payments never change and when the solar panels are finally paid off, your power is yours to own.

Prepare Your Home For Tomorrow

Say no to blackouts, create a self-sustainable home that powers itself and watch how the value of your property increases on the market. With many countries developing policies to cut down carbon emissions around the globe, solar farms are being built to help create a greener environment. You too can play a part starting with your home. 

It’s time to go solar. There are already over 2 million homes in the U.S. with solar panels installed. Get a free customized quote from the best solar company in Arizona by filling out the form below. You’ll see in no time why solar power just makes sense.

It's time to go solar.

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What our customers are saying

"I was happy to move to a solar powered home, making the planet more green one panel at a time."


Garrett H.


"Getting solar with Omni Power has saved me more money than I imagined was possible. Power companies are crooks!"


Emily T.


"I was worried about all the power outages in my neighborhood. Moving to solar was the comfort I needed."


Jared F.


"As a real estate investor, I realized early on how much property value skyrockets with quality solar panels installed."


Ben R.

Real Estate Investor

"My hubby and I decided to move get solar with Omni Power when we realized how much we could save on our power bill every month!"


Cheryl F.


"Hurricane season is now something my home is prepared for. I no longer have to worry about outages in my area."


Lacey A.

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